Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I AM Wonder Woman....

Well, I am according to my superhero children. Thanks to my husband and my mother my children are REALLY into superhero's specifically the members of the Justice League. During the summer my mother even made the kids capes out of left over curtain material!

Here is the break down. I am Wonder Woman, Hubby is The Green Lantern, Erick is Superman, Leah is Hawk Girl and Myles is Batman. When episodes of the Justice League come on (yes we own every season on DVD) the funniest thing is watching the three of them walk toward the television in slow motion totally in character!
For Halloween - although we don't celebrate - a quarter of the League will be in character for his school parade. I think however that I am reconsidering this and will start the search for my Wonder Woman costume, well at the least I'm going to hook myself up with a cape!

I deserve it right?
I mean I am a full time working mom of three, wife of a talented musician, oldest sister of 9, devoted daughter, friend and mommy blogger just to name a few. I make the bacon, fry it in the pan and serve it on the good plates (ok the blue Ikea plates but they are glass). I want a cape! I've always loved Wonder Woman... she wears the coolest bracelets (as do I), she is always praying to her god for help, (as am I) and she is the only woman in the crew who is totally in control and telling the men what to do (as do I!) So ummmm where do I get my cape?

What are your plans for Halloween?

Until next time...


Monday, October 18, 2010

"I Love My Hair"

Hey Y'all:

Everyday when I walk my Erick to school I am inspired by the intricate hairstyles all the little girls have. I mean their braids are hooked all the way up. Long, short, doesn't matter their hair always looks so nice and well kept. So of course I go home and try to imitate these styles on Leah's beautiful tresses.

Last week I came across this video and knew I had to share it with you. Sesame Street is still the leader in kids entertainment in my opinion and this video should be watched by all little girls who love their hair.

Until next time...
Enjoy your hair!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

And the Winner is.....

Hey Y'all:

Thank you so much for reading my post on The Conversation by Hill Harper (who I'm watching right now on CSI:NY.... they were in Coney Island this episode!)

The winners of this giveaway are.... my beautiful twitter friends who supplied me with some pretty pitiful pick up lines

bit3myR33sEs - "Baby ur feet must hurt bc u been walking thru my mind all day"

hialissa - "Girl, you married? You can marry me.mmmmhmmm. you know you want to."

ShanStarr25 - "Girl you so fine I'll drink yo bath water."

Beautiful0105 - "Baby can I have a quarter cause my mother told me to call her when I fall in love"

Ladies these are some pretty sad dang on pick up lines.

Enjoy your book ladies!

Until next time...


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adoption Wednesday: 4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt

Hey Y'all:

Here is a short list of why I think adoption is necessary.
  1. You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent
  2. There are thousands of kids out there waiting for you. According to the Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care Demographics of Children in Foster Care, In 2009, there were about 123,000 children ready for adoptive families in the nations foster care systems. African American children represented 41% of children in foster care, white children represented 40% and Hispanic children represented 15% in the year 2000.
  3. Children are a blessing from God and will add to your life
  4. Domestic Adoption is needed; charity begins at home
Hope this is additional motivation.

Until next time...

Monday, October 4, 2010

14 Years, 14 Lessons Learned

Hey y'all:

Today I wish my beloved husband a very happy 14th wedding anniversary. Over the past 14 years I've learned some rather useful lessons. Of course I won't share them all but here are 14 for every year of wedded bliss.

  1. Never say never - I said I never wanted children and then I was bit by the baby bug and here were stand the proud parents of three
  2. Over communicate - Saying you told him/her about the party two weeks ago means nothing. Put it on the family calendar, create an event on Google and FaceBook, send a text, tweet or put a put it note on the fridge listing how many days are left until the event.
  3. Pick your battles - If it's not life treating let it go. Do you want the kids clean and feed or is it more important that the bed is spread?
  4. It takes 2 to tango - Intimacy isn't the responsibility of only one person. If you are in the mood get the party started!
  5. Blood IS thicker than water - Although you are happily married into the family remember where you stand. Don't talk about the man's mama and expect life to be easy, sometimes it's better to agree to disagree and keep it moving then argue about things you can't change when their family is involved.
  6. Marriage = COMPROMISE - Doesn't matter what the topic you have to compromise on many issues within a marriage from what's for dinner to where we'll live you both have to come to a conclusion that makes everyone happy.
  7. You can't always be right - "Yes Dear" is a line my brother and sister in law use often. Sometimes you have to say yes dear and move on. You will not be right all the time (I am 99.9% of the time of course!)
  8. Time outs are needed - Sometimes from one another and from the kids. Remember that visiting family does not a vacation make!
  9. Team work - As the Wonder Pets say; What's Gonna Work? Team Work. When you say I Do you become partners for better or worse so work together
  10. Never let them see you sweat - I'm not talking about your spouse but rather your extended family and friends. Nobody should know when you and your spouse are at odds with one another! Keep your issues to yourself or seek professional counseling if you are in need of help. Hearing "well if I were you" doesn't help anyone because they AREN'T you!
  11. What it took to get him/her is the same thing that will help you keep him/her - enough said!
  12. No marriage is perfect
  13. Don't assume
  14. Remember why you said "I Do" in the first place.
These are just a few of the things I've learned in the past 14 years. Everyday I learn something new about my husband and myself.

If you are married I pray your relationship is lead by God and that you communicate your likes, dislikes, wants and needs to your spouse. Marriage is work but it's well worth the effort you are putting in.

If you aren't married please seek God for your mate and remember that you have to be open and honest with yourself about what you want. Check out this post and get a little help from Hill Harper's latest book.

Until next time...

I love you baby!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm At Risk, Are You?

Hey Y'all:

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
I have lost two of my aunts due to the disease and pray for anyone who has also been touched by Breast Cancer. Both my Aunt Ruby and Betty were taken from us much to soon due to the ravages the disease had on their bodies. They were both beautiful, vivacious women who contributed positively to the Bennett family and everyday that I look in the mirror I see their smiles in mine. I miss them more and more each day and honor their lives by making sure I keep mine.