Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Truth About Heat Stoke

Hey Y'all

Today is National Heat Stoke day. I know summertime is winding down but the hot weather might be around for a little longer. I just watched this video and it REALLY messed me up.


This reenactment got me to the heart so I knew I had to share it.
As a mom I know how preoccupied we can be when running errands and often times we forget lots of things.  I've been guilty of moving to fast and almost left a kid in the car buckled into their car seat. ALMOST. If you've read my blog you know that my husband has locked the twins in the car before but that was a accident. We have never left our kids in the car intentionally. Running into the store real quick, take your kid with you, just dropping something in the mailbox, don't leave that baby (or pet) in the car. A simple inconvenience can divert a lifetime of pain.

Here are some valuable facts about heatstroke that you need to know. Please share this information with your loved ones and be sure to check the backseat before you leave your car.