Thursday, December 20, 2012

MrsDeveter's Top 5 Christmas Songs

Hey Y'all,

I know it's sad but I'm really just getting into the spirit of Christmas. 2012 has been a difficult year to say the very least but my mom came into town yesterday and she helped decorate the outside of the house so now I'm feeling 'Christmasy". Music is a HUGE  part of my life (I am after all married to a musician) so I would like to take this opportunity to share a short list of my all time favorite Christmas songs.

Coming in at #1 is My Favorite Things a song that is often questioned about being a Christmas song but alas it always passes. This version was arranged by my awesome hubby Stix Bones

#2 Skating by Vince Guaraldi

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas in Newtown

Their presents were wrapped with care and placed under the tree. Their stockings are no doubt stuffed and hanging on the mantel. Those goodies will never be opened by their intended recipients, and the stocking suffers will go unused. Christmas is Newtown will be very somber and my prayers will be with all the families who don't have children bouncing on their heads to wake up on next Tuesday morning, or the loved ones who came from near and far to celebrate birth are now memorializing their loved ones.

My prayers, thoughts and well wishes are with all those who will cry this Christmas not because of the birth of our savior but because of the loss of so many innocent souls.

Pray with me and join any of the following pages and show your support for the families in Newtown CT.

How You Can Help
Christmas for Newtown Facebook page

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Erick

Hey Y'all,

I have been a mommy for 8 years!!!!
8 yr old Erick (watching TV)
Being the mother of this amazing little boy has taught me so much about myself, the world and life in general.  Erick is a terrific big brother who loves Leah & Myles with an unconditional love. It's a work in progress but he's a good student and caring friend. He isn't into sports instead I can see see and will encourage his interest in filmography. He still has a wonderful amount of innocence and it's a bit of a struggle to get him to move away from his love for Thomas the Tank Engine. I'm so proud to be Erick's mom, and know that he is going to make a positive impact on this world. As promised I wrote the below post when he was 3 (on myspace no less) and will share this until he turns 10! Then I'll have a decade worth of content to share.

Happy 8th Birthday Erick Mommy loves you!

Sonogram of Erick
My big boy... Current mood: thoughtful

He used to be so small.
Needed me to carry, feed, dress and change him. But a transformation happened. There was a time when he couldn't speak for himself now he can. He couldn't say he wanted milk or to play or even that he wanted to cuddle but now, now he tells me when he's thirsty and says exactly what he wants. The other day he actually poured himself a cup of orange juice. I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy that my baby is now a boy or if I'm allowed to be sad just for a little while, because my baby is now a BOY!
He doesn't have that powder fresh baby smell anymore but instead smells like a little man full of testosterone. Soon he'll be off to school (pre-k but school just the same) and not want to hug, kiss or cuddle with me. What then will I do?
He's growing into a well spoken articulate little person with personality for days. He has his own beautiful mind. He's three and has a favorite number, it's the number 1 and he hasn't changed his mind about it in two weeks. Next he'll have a favorite color then a favorite class and eventually I won't be his favorite girl!
Oh my, my little baby isn't a baby anymore! The child that I prayed for, begged God for is a walking, talking, singing, healthy beautiful little boy and man do I love him. Noggin all day and all, he is my inspiration. 
He carries my heart with him and doesn't even know it or care for that matter. He will always be my baby my1 gift from God. A blessing from my womb that was promised to me. He will be a powerful human being he will bring light and love into this world. He will live a life full of joy and accomplishment and most importantly he will be a man after God's own heart. He will love the people of God unconditionally, he will empower those who are powerless, and he will develop ideas for his generation that will change lives. Not because I say so but because it is the will of God for his life. He will live a life fully committed and dedicated to God. He will be a servant and he'll be used of God as an honest upright man come what may!
He will be Erick Jeremiah Brown; Doctor, Teacher, Preacher, Lawyer, Musician, Master Builder, Train Operator etc.... whatever he wants to be he'll be and he'll be it to the glory and honor of God.
My baby is a boy who will grow into a beautiful man, just like his Dad!

My baby is a boy who will grow into a beautiful man, just like his Dad!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12. Twelve Songs featuring the #12

Hey Y'all:

This date will not come around again in my lifetime so as a mommy here is my fun way of recognizing this unique date.

Here are 12 Songs that reference the number 12

#1 Sesame Street: 12 And Pinball Animation

#2 12 Days of Christmas (Gospel Style)

#3 Hip Hop 12 (The 12 Disciples) Cute

#4 School House Rock Little 12

#5 12-Bar Original- The Beatles

Adoption Wednesday: Pushpa Basnet

Hey Y'all,

I am inspired by Pushpa Basnet.
Ms Basnet is the 2012 CNN Hero of the year. This 28 year old woman rescues children from behind Nepal's prison walls.

According to the CNN Heroes page written by Kathleen Toner; Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world -- according to UNICEF, 55% of the population lives below the international poverty line -- so it lacks the social safety net that exists in most Western nations. Space is extremely limited in the few children's homes affiliated with the government. So when no local guardian is available, an arrested parent often must choose between bringing their children to jail with them or letting them live on the streets. Nepal's Department of Prison Management estimates 80 children live in the nation's prisons.

At the ripe age of 21, while studying social work in college Basent discovered her calling. As part of her studies, she visited a women’s prison and was disturbed by the dire condition and shocked that children were living behind bars. Instead of simply completing her course and walking away unaffected Basent made a life altering decision. She decided to start a day care to get incarcerated children out from behind the prison walls. She started with five children, picking them up every weekday morning, brought them to her center (which she built from donations from family and friends in Kathmandu); and returned them in the afternoon. According to the report nothing like this had ever been done in Kathmandu and many of the children in her care had NEVER been outside of the prison. Two years after she got started Basnet established the Butterfly Home, a children’s home where she herself currently resides and has for the past five years. She is teaching the children cooking, washing, shopping and educational lessons. The atmosphere feels like an extremely large family, a feeling that's fostered by Basnet, who smothers the children with love. The children reciprocate by calling her "Mamu," which means "Mommy." I am posting this as an Adoption Wednesday post because Basnet has gone above and beyond her call as a humanitarian.

What are you doing to help the children in your community that are less fortunate? This Holiday Season we are fulfilling Winter Wishes through NY Cares. They still need volunteers so please visit their site and agree to take some of their letters. Many of the letters are from children who suffered loss during Super Storm Sandy.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree 2012

Hey Y'all,

The kiddies came into the city yesterday to see the big tree. Here are a couple flicks that I think will make your Wednesday a little merrier.

On the M Train Headed to 47/50th Rockefeller Plaza

The 2012 Christmas Tree

Myles' shock at the size of the tree

The 3 Little Browns in front of the lights

Christmas Ornaments NOT on the tree. This disturbed Leah.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keep Your Sneakers ON!!!

Hey Y'all,

Erick's Parent Teacher conference was last week and it was successful. We were already aware that he wasn't doing very well in math and we also know that Erick has issues with focusing, he procrastinates and often doesn't finish his assignments in class. 3rd grade has been an up hill battle but I'm confident that we will get over this hurdle and Erick will be the A student I know he was born to me.

Now going into the conference I was nervous. Not because I thought I would hear any horrific stories about his behavior or that I would be surprised about His difficulties... nope I knew about all of that before we walked in. I was worried about Erick and his sneakers.

Erick does not like to have anything, ANYTHING on his feet! Ever! well let me change that in the summer he doesn't mind wearing his $19.99 Payless sandals. He loves those things and if it were up to him he'd wear them year round. I wrote about his shoe issue a couple weeks ago in this post. The first thing that comes off when Erick gets home from being outside are his shoes then his coat etc.

This is nothing new. My son has always stripped when he's comfortable (literally) first the shoes and socks, then his shirt and finally his pants until he is down to his Hanes underwear. We have to MAKE him keep his clothes on when he gets to his great-grandmother's house. Any who during his parent teacher conference I listened and waited, asked questions about his academics and waited and finally the other shoe dropped. "The only problem we have is that Erick takes his socks and shoes off." says Ms. Powers.... My husband and I apologize profusely and say that it's a sign that he's comfortable in her classroom which she appreciates. We call Erick over and ask him to promise that he'll keep his sneakers on moving forward. He said he would.. Hopefully he keeps his word.

This was the note we received in his homework folder the Friday after the conference.

Parenting is no joke!

Until next time...