Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twin Tuesday: Where you going mommy?

Hey y'all:

The 3 little Browns have been back home for about two weeks now and boy oh boy have they changed. The twins are fully potty trained (thank you Mommy) and Erick is Superman for sure! The one change I'm not digging is this separation anxiety that Leah is experiencing when it comes to me.

This morning I felt like the worst mommy in history because I had to leave her with huge tears in her eyes! My baby girl cried for a good 15 mins while I prepared myself for work. She did not want me to leave. I'm sure she is going through this because I was away from her for a month but good gravy. How long will this last? She follows me EVERYWHERE , if she's awake and I'm in her eyesight she is by my side! She stayed up late last night to make sure I wasn't going anywhere! Meanwhile the boys could care less!

How do I reassure her that when I leave, I'm coming back?

Until next time...

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