Monday, January 10, 2011

The English Language and 1st Graders

Hey Y'all:

Now that my big boy is a reader it's interesting to see the learning process. He now has a reading log and must read 15-20 minutes solo per night. We are having fun with this and finally have the opportunity to read all the books I've collected over the years pre-motherhood.

A few nights ago he was reading Thomas and The Castle (yes my 6 yr old is still a die hard Thomas and Friends fan) he was doing well until he got to the word know. "Mommy what's this word?"  I proceed to pronounce the word for him. He looked at me rather perplexed and said "that's not NO. No is spelled N-O, that word has a k in front so it's kaaa-nooo" I explained that the K was silent and that the word was know. He looked down at the page said ok but when he read the next passage that had the word know in it he said it correctly out loud then said 'kaaaa-no' under his breath.

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